Publisher’s note

My wife is vain, but so are most women. I am not complaining. Who would want an untidy old hag who doesn’t take care of herself as a wife? So I must admit, I indulge my wife’s hobby of going to dermatology and slimming clinics and salons. Being a curious person who likes to understand how things work, I made it a point to be informed of the treatments my wife take and how they work. In my search for information, I discovered that no single publication in the market specifically caters to the growing skin care and slimming industry, at least not ones focusing on the latest non-invasive technologies.

Healthy Skin Magazine aims to do address this need, to wade through the mountains of information in a fun and entertaining way. We will follow the trends and breakthroughs in the industry and offer information and insights that will help you understand your choices.

– Arnold Bagabaldo


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