Oxygen Facials: Breathing in What’s Good for the Skin

Text by: Jevrice Mariano

The skincare industry is always ready to find the best means to help people of all ages have healthy skin. One of the latest trends gathering attention worldwide is the oxygen facial endorsed by celebrities who swear by its rejuvenating effects that lets them look camera-ready daily. With its startling reputation among the rich and the famous, the facial treatment looks like it’s here to stay.

coverFor this issue of Doc Talk, we sought the expertise of Dr. Herbia Joy G. Mongcal of Skin Trends to know more about the popular treatment. With nine branches in Luzon, they are one of the derm clinic chains offering this service. For those who are curious about the popular oxygen facial, our dermatologist will walk us through the processes as well as its benefits for the skin.

Everybody’s Facial

According to Dr. Mongcal, oxygen facials are the best treatment for people of all ages and skin types. “Oxygen facials are popular because it is painless and quick unlike microdermabrasion,” she says. “The process which lasts for about an hour will not just get rid of dead skin cells and other impurities but will also help the circulation of blood in the face making the skin look rosy and glowing.” For those who are worried about acne, dry skin and other problems, the oxygen facial is the perfect treatment because clients don’t necessarily need to undergo medical extraction that can cause sensitive skin afterwards. “Because we are using pure oxygen, the client doesn’t need to worry about side-effects. In fact, you can go through another treatment like a diamond peel right after the facial. Whether the treatment is for a special occasion or just for some pampering, it will make the client feel good without spending too much time.” This facial, she adds, is ideal for those who need to look great for an event at the quickest time possible like brides or debutantes who want to look amazing on their special day. Instead of getting stressed out over reddish and peeling skin, clients can go on with their usual activities.

As Natural As Breathing

“Aside from being painless, another benefit of the oxygen facial is that it repairs damaged skin cells that have been exposed to sun, dirt and other particles that could damage the skin,” Dr. Mongcal explains. “The air we breathe can sometimes be damaging to our bodies rather than helpful so having this treatment using pure oxygen rejuvenates the skin and gives it a natural glow.” Compared to other treatments that use medicated creams to exfoliate and lift the skin, this treatment depends on an element that our bodies are all too familiar with. A little bit of fresh air, in this case, can be the answer to skin problems.

An oxygen facial can be done through nebulization which helps receive oxygen from the inside, helping the skin respond to the treatment faster. Another way to have this kind of treatment is through the more familiar air brush which uses pressurized oxygen to cleanse and repair the skin conveniently from the outside. For most derm clinics, the oxygen facial process can be done with a beauty mask, whitening, anti-ageing or anti-acne serum which takes effect much faster with pure oxygen. Dr. Mongcal claims that this kind of facial could also be anti-carcinogenic because it helps the body get rid of harmful toxins. This form of facial treatment has been so successful overseas that some people have bought their own machines so they could have oxygen facials every day. “Having an oxygen facial daily is okay,” says Dr. Mongcal. “The face and body could use all the oxygen it needs.”

When in doubt about other forms of facial treatments, the best option would be to try oxygen facial. Dr. Mongcal says that it’s so safe even kids can try it. In fact, it is recommended for those with sensitive skin and acne because of its mildness. “Not everyone is hiyang to the traditional facial treatments like diamond peeling but I would recommend the oxygen facial to everyone who wants to maintain healthy skin,” she says. Treating one’s face with pure oxygen unclogs pores and eliminates bacteria and dirt that cause irritation or pimples. It also helps the skin absorb necessary nutrients essential in restoration. If you’re worried about thin lines and wrinkles due to stress and ageing, perhaps a dose of pure oxygen could eliminate these.

From organic facial treatments and now through the use of pure oxygen, skincare experts are going back to basics. Returning to treatments that embrace the healthy and natural have proven to be helpful to people of all ages. Whether it’s for the purpose of taking away skin impurities to battling the signs of stress, everyone can undergo the all-natural treatment not just for the face but for the whole body as well. If you want healthy, young-looking and radiant skin, breathe in and get pampered with pure oxygen.



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