Oraderm: More Bang for Your Buck

Writer: Jen Juganas

Oraderm Care Clinic is a dental and dermatology center rolled into one.

They offer various services such as Botox, Collagen Induction / Microneedle Therapy, Electrocautery, Facial Treatment, Fillers, Intralesional Acne Treatment, Mesotheraphy, Radiofrequency Treatment, Sclerotherapy, and Skin Peeling.


Unlike other clinics, Oraderm only offers Electrocautery (ECT), and not Chemical Cautery. This is because the partners who formed Oraderm are confident in ECT’s versatility as a treatment.

It can be used to address benign superficial skin lesions – most treatments can even be done in a single session using the ECT machine. Chemical cautery on the hand, uses a solution to address skin lesions and may require several treatment sessions.

At the same time, chemical cautery

carries the risk of causing contact dermatitis.

Aside from the treatments and services listed above, Oraderm Care Clinic also has an Intense Pulse Light (IPL) machine. It is commonly used for hair removal, pigmentation and rejuvenation. This procedure is ideal for patients who want

to improve their facial pigmentation

and at the same time, improve their skin texture, tone, and clarity.

Oraderm Care Clinic Specialists believe in “looking your best at any age with the most conservative, personalized and gentle care.” Conservative because they use noninvasive techniques to address patients’ concerns and they try as much as possible to perform treatments  with the least down time so that patients can go back to their daily activities at once.

To ensure personalized care, they not only tailor fit the treatments to the patients’

skin type but also adjust to clients’ lifestyles. What does this mean? Oraderm simply ensures that both treatment and post-treatment is as unobtrusive to patients’

daily lives, because even if they are given the ideal treatment plans, results might

turn out to be a disappointment to both

the doctor and the patient if the post-treatment care requires too much work.

And of course, Oraderm Care Clinic gives their patients the assurance that they get the most bang for their buck by providing excellent service.

Oraderm Care Clinic partners’ source of pride is that all of their treatments are being done professionally, using high

quality and effective materials and medicines.

They not only address aesthetic concerns

but medical dermatologic concerns too.

Oraderm Care Clinic is one of the few dermatology centers that boasts of

having all Board-Certified Dermatologists

at its helm.  Also, they have acquired short

course trainings in Germany, Singapore,

and Bangkok to further hone their interests in both medical and aesthetic dermatology. Thus, patients are assured that they are

in competent and safe hands.

Oraderm Care Clinic is a dynamic concept that combines the benefits of dental & skin health in one place. Evaluating the health of a patient, listening to their concerns and aesthetic desires, providing assessments, educating the patient, and finally helping the patient come up with a comfortable and realistic treatment plan are the factors addressed by the clinic’s doctors. They care for their patients, so they can look and feel healthy both on their Skin and Dental health.

Looking good on the outside definitely requires nourishment from within. Oraderm Care Clinic specialists make sure you’re looking your best by providing you the

best care they can offer.

Oraderm Care Clinic is celebrating it’s Anniversary and they have special offers on a range of treatments on skin rejuvenation for you to enjoy starting August 15 – September 15 2014.


You may reach the selfie-friendly people of Oraderm Care Clinic through info@oradermcareclinic.com or (02) 586-2597.

Even better, take a selfie in their clinic located at

Unit 202 The Clubhouse At Temple Drive, Corinthian Hills, Brgy. Ugong Norte, Quezon City.


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