Montage Skin Science Clinic

See how Dr. Mendoza and company started and how they continue to beautify clients at Montage Skin Science Clinic for over a decade.There is a whole range of skin care clinics around the capital that you can choose from. But sometimes, having too many options can be a bit frustrating for those with varying skin concerns. So, what if you can go to a skin care clinic that customizes procedures to suit your skin needs? That’s the promise of Montage Skin Science.

The brainchild of dermatologist Dr. Homer Mendoza and two other partners, Montage Skin Science Clinic was built with the intent of fulfilling Dr. Mendoza’s desire to advocate and deliver beautiful, healthy, and young-looking skin. “This has been is my life-long passion”, says Dr. Mendoza. And it is this same advocacy that has been Montage Skin Science Clinic’s mission ever since its conception in 2002.

Montage Skin Science Clinic offers four cardinal treatments: purifying facials, perfecting facials, infusing facials, and illuminant facials. Under these are 18 customized treatments to address specific and individual skin needs.

DSC_0059The clinic takes prides in its unique approach in skin care and aesthetics procedures, all of which are high-quality and cost-effective. They individualize treatments according to one’s skin needs. Their signature services include acne management, skin color lightening, and more recently, skin age intervention management. These treatments are done by providing a synergistic combination of both clinical and home care. Dr. Mendoza believes that one is never effective without the other.With the literally one-of a-kind services its clinic has to offer to each patient, Montage Skin Science Clinic is definitely one of the emerging skin care clinics in the country today.

Montage Skin Science Clinic has several branches in Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, Bulacan, and Batangas. Their newest clinic is located in Cubao. Check out their website at for contact details and clinic schedules.

Words | Angela Magpayo
Photography | Gerald Gloton


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