Korean Regimen: Is it WORTH your TIME and INVESTMENT?

Korean Regimen: Is it WORTH your TIME and INVESTMENT?

Writer | Tin Palattao

The Korean invasion is not only in TV shows or pop songs. Also gaining popularity are their skin habits and regimens. Go ahead and try it and don’t forget that peace sign!

Pinoys have a love affair with white, glowing skin. Ever on the lookout for the latest products to achieve that Snow White complexion, it’s no wonder that Koreanovelas and K-Pop groups have taken the Philippines by storm, leaving us mystified by the bright, dewy skin of Korean celebrities. What’s their secret?
Well, producing something worth the attention of millions of people requires passion and commitment – big words for such an everyday regimen like skin care. But it’s a legacy of Koreans that dates back to ancient days.


According to Dr. Craig Kraffert, Board Certified Dermatologist and President of Korea-based Amarte skincare products, “Skincare interest has been documented since the earliest Korean writings (700 BCE) and the Dongui Bogam, an ancient Korean medicinal text, has an entire selection (the Tangaekpyeon) on preparation and use of herbal ingredients, including for skin concerns.” Just imagine thousands of years worth of beauty secrets passed down from generation to generation. No wonder Koreans now reap the rewards of their ancestors’ passion for healthy, beautiful skin. Today, they are known for state-of-the-art and novel skincare ingredients and treatments.

Such passion and commitment all starts from the daily regimen that many Koreans do at home. Here is their 10-step fundamental treatment that you may want to adopt to achieve that much coveted glowing, hydrated skin:

1. Oil Cleanser – Oil cleansers remove skin debris such as sebum and make up. This is an essential step for all skin types.

2. Foam Cleanser – Koreans make sure their skin is thoroughly cleansed by the end of the day. A foam cleanser is the second part of the double cleanse that removes debris such as sweat and dirt. They also believe that massaging the face increases circulation that results in brighter skin.

3. Exfoliator – Exfoliating renews skin by scrubbing away dead skin cells but is not to be used daily. Twice a month is ideal. One just needs to focus on the T-zone where blackheads frequent.

4.Toner – This softens, mb1oisturizes and prepares the skin to better absorb the essences and serums to follow. It also resets the skin’s pH balance after using the cleansers.

5. Essence – Essence typically contain an active ingredient that enhances our skin’s natural cell turnover rate. It is considered by Korean women as a crucial step because it makes skin smoother and brighter.

6.Serum – Usually thicker in consistency, a serum is a more concentrated version of an essence. Various serums focus on different skin issues. It helps in brightening skin, fading sunspots, and smoothening of fine lines.

7. Sheet Mask – Sheet masks are a twice-a-week ritual or more if skin is dry. The fascinating thing about it is that the skin soaks in the active ingredients before the product has a chance to evaporate. One could expect an instant effect – the face becomes more plump and much brighter due to all the moisture the skin just absorbed.

8. Eye Cream – This is especially formulated to hydrate and protect the skin around the eyes. The technique is to gently tap the cream around the eye area. This leads to better absorption of the product and avoids pulling and tugging of skin.

9. Sleeping Mbask – This is applied to intensely hydrate and restore firmness as you sleep. It is designed to go on top of your evening skin treatments as the final step during the night.

10. Sunblock – Needless to day, after all the rigorous treatment in the evening, Sunblock with at least SPF 40 must be applied by day as this is the biggest defense to keep aging at bay.
We are now living in a fast paced world where almost anything is convenient, easy, and instant. The beauty industry is no exception. But if there’s one thing that we can learn from the Korean skin care legacy, it’s that taking time everyday to refresh and rejuvenate our skin is far more rewarding than doing a quick fix some time in the future.

Think skinvesting – you can choose to invest time, effort and money in your skin now and reap greater returns by still looking great after several years, or try to scrimp on your skin and hope that you’ll still look okay when everyone else is looking better and younger than you are.


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