Know It Well, Treat It Right!

Text by: Christal Leung

Your skin type may not be as straight forward as you think, so take a minute, find out what it is, and set yourself out to find the best formulas that tailor to the unique characteristics of your skin, and it will reward you with an illuminating radiance that boasts beauty and vitality.

Finding Out Your Skin Type

Not all skin is made equal and the secret to keeping skin youthful and healthy is knowing how to care for it properly. The cardinal rule is to first figure out just what your skin type is.

Simply put, the skin type is the description and interpretation of how your skin looks, feels, and behaves. Generally, there are four skin categories often used in the cosmetics industry:

  1. Normal (nicely balanced water-to-oil level)
  2. Oily (shiny skin without signs of dryness)
  3. Dry (dry & dull skin with no trace of shine)
  4. Combination (typically oily in t-zone and normal or dry in the other areas)

Sounds straight forward enough, right? Well, wait until you throw in different conditions such as acne, wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, loss of elasticity, enlarged pores, pigmentation, skin sensitivity, rosacea, rashes, blotches – the list goes on. Add to this common problems like unknown irritants,hidden allergies, and changes in personal hormonal cycles and it becomes infinitely more difficult to understand the particular needs of your skin.

Basically, your skin conditionis never static; it varies according to internal changes, the environment, and age. It is a dynamic system that is constantly reacting to metabolic substances, chemicals, pollutants, and whatever that comes in contact with its surface and within.

Thus, exploring your skin behavior can be a confusing but necessary process in the journey of finding the right formulas for your skin.

A Formula that Meets the Changes of the Skin

Understanding the characteristics of your skin is only half of the equation. The second, and equally difficult part of skincare is finding the right products to address specific skin problems.

Each season, women go through bottles of magic potions and jars of miracle broth only to find new “more improved” formulas the next season. We are always chasing for the perfect product, but it simply does not exist!

Many commercial brands offer generic products that were designed to target the masses and a wide spectrum of skin problems. These consumer-based products usually place emphasis on sales rather than solutions, and might not be able to produce satisfying results in the long run.

Simply put, due to the constant changes within and around our epidermal and dermal cells, it is important to find a skin care regimen that can evolve with our skin.

Skin Expert Clinical Solutions

While there are no miracle cures of all dermatological woes, a new line of products from the United States is promising something close to perfection. The Skin Expert Clinical Solutions line is a system of products that can be mixed, matched and blended to cater to each person’s unique skin condition.

Consisting of all natural substances and using organic ingredients whenever possible, the Skin Expert Clinical Solutions is a multi-dynamic series of in-office and home use formulas that aims to ignite positive results in the skin.

The system integrates the most powerful aspects of leading skin care research and development today to provide a safe and effective solution to minimize and eventually correct existing skin problems.

The high purity of the brand’s formulas allows the products to be custom-blended by technicians or even by users themselves upon application onto the skin.

For example, someone with oil-prone skin might be very satisfied with the moisturizing effect of the Skin Need Hydra Smooth Essence, yet on a particularly humid and stifling day, the water-soluble Skin Perfection 100% Hyaluronic Acid can be blended into the moisturizer to provide a lighter and more refreshing texture to moisturize the skin.

The system distinguishes itself from the vast amount of skin care options available in the market today by offering a unique and flexible treatment plan to provide problem-specific and sustainable results.

Created and continuously developed by front-runners of biochemistry, molecular biology, and dermatology, Skin Expert Clinical Solutions uses pure-grade and naturally-derived substances that can also be found in the human body. Its formulas are all-natural and free of synthetic and harmful substances, such as artificial fragrances, colorings, irritants, carcinogens, or any ingredients not approved by the American Personal Care Products Council.

But apart from the quality ingredients used in the products, Skin Expert also makes it a priority to improve how these substances are delivered to the skin. By treating the skin with oxygen containing particles, Skin Expert treatments offer the full benefits of an oxygen facial along with the natural benefits of the ingredients themselves. With a unique compression device, bio-actives, humectants, and nutrients are promptly compressed to nano-sized particles allowing these substances to effectively reach the skin’s deeper layers to generate more complete mode of reactions such as cell regeneration, skin repair, and overall rejuvenation.


Though the brand is originally from the United States, its formulas are well-suited to treat the behavior and conditions of Asian skin. The products provide a comfortable, smooth, and refreshing texture without weighing the skin down, as they are manufactured using an ‘oil-in-water’ techinique, and are hyaluronic acid-based.

So while the mythical fountain of youth remains a figment of the imagination, science is slowly making it possible for anyone – no matter his or her skin color, condition or concerns – to achieve perpetually young and blooming skin.


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