Jackie Lou Blanco: The Second Blooming

Text by: Karen Legion

 As the only daughter of entertainment royalty and ‘Asia’s Queen of Songs’, Ms. Pilita Corrales, this Fil-Hispanic beauty has been in the limelight almost all her life. A jack of all trades in her own right – an actress, host, fitness enthusiast, columnist, brand ambassador, a hands-on mother of three, first time grandmother, and wife to an equally accomplished husband, Ricky Davao – you’d think she has left no stones unturned, but this year, she reaches another milestone: the big five-o.

For most women her age, nothing good comes with turning 50. The anticipation for bodily changes, such as wrinkling, sagging,and susceptibility to diseases, proves to be too intimidating. But for actress-host Jackie Lou Blanco,her five decades on earth deserves quite a celebration.

I just turned 50, but I don’t feel like I’m 50.  I know I’m older, but I feel great. The only difference is that I listen to my body more often and pace myself on top of that.

For Jackie Lou, her 50th birthday is the fruition of her hard work in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She shares that as a woman in her golden year who wants to keep up with the times, she needs to go the extra mile in caring for her physical well-being.

As a health buff, she knows that one of the biggest hurdles of being a 50-year-old is menopause. The signs and symptoms that go along with it, like hot flashes, night sweats, metabolism shifts, mood swings, and skin drying, are dreadful enough to make women quiver in fear. But, known to have a strong fighting spirit, not even the thought of menopause haunting her days can break Jackie Loudown.

Accept that you’re in that stage, don’t deny it. Prepare yourself much earlier.  Before that moment comes, there will be signs that will tell you that you’re approaching that age. Acknowledge these signs, and do something about it.  Be positive about it, embrace it.

Now more than ever, she has learned that the ultimate secret behind aging beautifully is making a choice that you can live with in the long run. Her choice then until now has been consistent – treating her body like a sacred temple. She happily notes that it is never too late to make a decision of making your health a top priority. You are never too young or too old, as long as you set your mind and heart to it.

As early as 14, to my young mind, I knew I needed some form of physical activity. So, I started to jog and began eating healthier. That’s what I did throughout my life even until all my pregnancies.

What started out as a simple yes to exercise eventually became a habit. Her healthy ways are so ingrained in her daily routines that she only hopes she’s doing enough to spread the word about it so other people can enjoy the same benefits that she’s experiencing.

You don’t have to allot long hours for exercise. Sometimes, 30 minutes is enough for walking and jogging. You just really have to find time for it. You can even treat household chores as additional exercise. They’re definitely better than just sitting down all day long.

Transitioning from the 40s to the 50s era is never a task served on a silver platter. And, the actress-host knows this all too well. It is for this very reason that she is proud to express her approval in the use of supplements. The role of supplements, which may come in the form of vitamins, minerals, and fatty or amino acids, is to fill in the nutrients that may be lacking from some food portions. Emerging as the champion in her bodybuilding competition stint in 2001, she recalls having to take some supplements and carefully aligning them with her diet and workout back then. But now that she is past that stage in her career, itboils down to maintenance.

I think no matter how healthy we eat, we still don’t get the right amount of nutrients all the time. So, I think it’s important that we acknowledge that we need help to complement our healthy lifestyle and that’s where the supplements come in.  But, make sure to seek advice from a nutritionist or from friends who are also taking supplements so you’d know what fits your body.

With her social stature, giving in to the temptation of exceeding her body’s limitations could have been so easy. But Jackie Lou long ago decided to tread the path less taken. A big no-no to smoking, drinking, and too much partying has always been her mantra. Abusing her body is the last thing in her mind. Since it’s difficult to shun the use of make-up given her many roles in the entertainment industry, she makes a conscious effort to sporta no make-up look both at home and the times when the camera’s not rolling.

I think every woman has the right to want to be a bit more beautiful, nicer hair, clearer skin, but still it all boils down to how she takes good care of yourself. But no matter how much make-up you put, nothing beats having good skin. Natural beauty is still the best.

There is no easy formula to achieve the same kind of effortless allure that is uniquely Jackie Lou Blanco. At 50, her physical stamina is an object of envy. Her classic beauty radiating from the inside out is somethingmost women – even those of a younger breed – could only hope for. Hitting the mid-mark of life may not always be ideal, but the woman of the hour is trying to show that taking each day as it comes pays off.

I still want to be functional at 60, 70. If you can’t work out tomorrow because you’re sick, get some rest. If you’re craving for some chocolate, eat. Never ever deprive yourself. Balance is key.


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