Bigger and Better: Ushering in a New Era for It Figures

Text by: Edma Remillano

What started as a gift of love (and beauty), has rapidly snowballed into a booming business. From Metro Manila to Metro Cebu, the It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon (IFFSS) has definitely taken the industry by storm. Its roster of well-trained aestheticians and medical representatives coupled with sophisticated equipment guarantee that its patrons get what they came for—high quality beauty service at an affordable price. 

Three’s a party!

Now on its third year, IFFSS has much more in store for its valued clientele. The clinic’s celebrating with a bang—complete with perks and freebies that healthy skin enthusiasts certainly love.

For the entire month of August, It Figures will be offering special promotions and packages to thank its customers for three great years of loyalty.

But, apart from the freebies and promos, the clinic is also introducing its Fraxel Laser Machine, just in time for its third birthday. For the ladies and gents who have long been waiting to get rid of an ugly scar, it is about time to hit the clinic because they have got the treatment with state-of-the-art equipment to make that unbecoming sight go away. In a couple of sessions, the patient will actually see how the scar fades until it is no more.

Whether it is a years-old keloid or a simple skin pigmentation, this treatment will is the key.

For those who want proof, the owner, Cindy Bagabaldo, has already tried the treatment for herself. What was once a big, protruding scar has flattened and become smaller, thanks to the Fraxel Laser Machine.

And since It Figures is celebrating three years in the industry, there is a third surprise for all the clinic’s patrons: the IFFSS Ortigas branch is scheduled to move to an even bigger location. That means a bigger reception area to accommodate its loyal clients and walk-in customers, as well as more beds for those undergoing procedure. With this, not only will IFFSS be able to take in more clients at a time, it also makes for a more comfortable environment for the patients—while they wait or while they are undergoing procedures. After all, that is what every client is after: a trusted regimen courtesy of the clinic that will leave them relaxed and more beautiful.

A bigger location will also mean more staff to attend to the clients, as well as do the procedures. Hence, clients can expect more friendly faces to welcome them to the clinic. There will also be more experienced aestheticians to do the procedures so clinic operations will become faster and more efficient; thereby raising the number of patients that can be accommodated.

But of course, some things never change—well, the good ones of course. Even though the clinic is moving to a new location and adding new members to its family, one thing has remained: its commitment to high quality service at an affordable price.

The core staff and skin experts have remained. Hence, loyal clients will be happy to know that the professionals who have taken care of their skin for three years and counting, will continue to provide them with the services that will have them leave the clinic with a smile on their faces.


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