Gift Guide: Summer Essentials

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1 Here Comes the Suntan Sunless Summer Skin Spray Gradual Sun Kissed-Glow with Coffee Extract

Here Comes The Sun Tan: Sunless Summer Skin Spray (P399)

A moisturizing, firming, and toning gradual self-tanner that reveals a beach-perfect body all year round. Here comes the Sun Tan lets you control the shade of your skin depending on how often you apply it for a totally natural-looking tan. It delivers just a hint of color with each application, allowing you to decide how deep and dark you want your sunless tan to be. Apply it more often for a deep, dark tan or less often for a healthy glow. This spray-on moisturizer will provide a natural-looking, even color that starts to develop in two to four hours. It’s great for everyday use and dries in just five minutes.

2 Hair Heroes Super Fresh Sage Tea Tree & Peppermint Texturizing Beach Waves with Sea Salt + MoringaHair Heroes Super Fresh: Texturizing Beach Waves (P299)

Hair Heroes Super Fresh Texturizing Beach Waves adds sexy, tousled waves and a light matte finish to any hair type. This defining spray will bring out the tousled, textured look you can only usually get after swimming in the sea. Your hair will still feel soft to touch but withthat added bounce, definition, anda body to die for. The added moringa extract will help give moisture and shine and also help protect and repair your hairagainst free radicals. You can even use this on dry hair to add texture for that perfect Beach Babe look!

1.1 Slim Shade Me Face Sculpting Cake with Coffee Extract, Frulic Acid, Multivitamins, Amazonian Clay + Slimlite in Walnut Slim Shade Me: Face Sculpting Cake (P799)

Want to have great bone structure? Slim Shade Me Face Sculpting Cake lets you create them instantly, easily and over time — permanently!  This powder is specially tinted and formulated to enhance natural bone structure, sculpt contours into the face and correct your face shape so you can look like you were born with great cheekbones or the perfect nose, anytime!

2 Here Comes The Suntan Instant Bronze Lotion Temporary Sun-Kissed Glow

Here Comes The Sun Tan: Instant Bronze Lotion (P499)

You don’t need to stay out in the sun to work on that gorgeous tan. Don’t compromise your skin to the harmful UV rays! This is an instant tan in a bottle! Looks like you’ve been on an exotic vacation in the tropics with Here Comes the SunTan Instant Bronze Lotion.

Work your way to a deep bronze by simply applying gradually to see how much color you want to achieve your sun-kissed glow. The bronze glow intensifies after each application. Great for everyday use and dries in just five minutes. No sticky and greasy feel so you can strut those toned and tanned limbs in your shorts and dresses!

2 Hair Heroes Super Fresh Sage Tea Tree & Peppermint Dry Conditioner copy

Hair Heroes Super Fresh: No-Rinse Dry Conditioner (P599)

Hair Heroes Super Fresh No-Rinse Dry Conditioner is a lifesaving side-kick to our Dry Shampoo! This will lightly condition and add shine to your hair in between washes. This handy bottle can even help smooth your strands throughout the day, and can be used as a finishing powder. Use after blow-drying to create light-as-air soft styles! What’s more, it does all of this without weighing those luscious locks down!

1.3 Lippy Cheeky Antioxidant Lip and Cheek Stain with Pomegranate + Acerola Cherry + Acai Berry Persimmon

Lippy Cheeky (P499)

Snoe Lippy Cheeky Anti-Oxidant Lip & Cheek Stain are kiss-proof, see-through color for lips & cheeks that lasts for hours. It’s the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle! Now you can have appealing and youthful flushed cheeks and rosy lips! It will create a perpetual glow from within with its super antioxidant ingredients!


4 Poudre Duo Supreme Super Food Versatile Wet Dry Powder Foundation with Acai Berry + Goji Berry + Acerola Cherry + Broccoli + SPF30 Vanilla Cream (Light), Perfect Beige (Medium), Warm HoSuper Food Versatile Wet Dry Powder Foundation (P899)

SNOE POUDRE DUO SUPREME can be used as a wet or dry powder foundation or as a finishing powder. It gives you the most versatile coverage depending on your application method. It returns your skin to its original perfection by helping to treat, protect and lighten skin. Highly advanced coated powder pigments gently veil your complexion in silky, soft coverage. It is also full of nutrient-rich SUPER FOOD, making it like an actual treatment for the skin.Skin becomes energized with improvement in luminosity and vitality as an increased flow of oxygen is delivered.


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