Endiclinique: Truly, Madly, Deeply

EndicliniqueSwimsuit season may be over, but a bikini-ready body will always be en vogue. Maintaining a trim figure, however, is much easier said than done. Luckily for us, there are several procedures you can avail to attain and maintain the dream body you’ve always desired.

One of these is radiofrequency, a treatment that promises to tone and tighten your problem areas. While several dermatological and aesthetic centers around the country has this program in their menu, there aren’t a lot of places in the Philippines where you can avail of EndyMed Israel’s patented 3Deep Radiofrequency technology, one of the most advanced non-invasive body contouring treatments available worldwide. 

“3 Deep procedures are virtually painless, have no side effects and require almost no downtime.”

Endiclinique prides itself on being one of the first clinics in the country to offer 3Deep body contouring, tightening, and skin resurfacing services The clinic’s owner, Eric Illecas, wanted to offer Filipinos the most advanced skin tightening technology available, and as he wanted the EndyMed machine to be the star of the show, he asked permission from the company itself to incorporate their name into the clinic’s identity.

“[EndyMed] is the most advanced radiofrequency technology compared to previous machines,” says one of Endiclinique’s dermatologists. While all radiofrequency treatments promise to regenerate collagen, smoothen wrinkles, improve the appearance of cellulite, and tighten skin on almost any part of the body, EndyMed has been proven to accomplish all these more effectively than other machines can.

EndyMed’s secret lies in its technology: Unlike other machines that use only a few radiofrequency sources, EndyMed utilizes more sources to effectively deliver heat energy to the problem areas in your skin tissue.

“Other radiofrequency machines only have monopolar, bipolar, or tripolar [radiofrequency sources.] This one is a multi-source radiofrequency treatment. There are many sources, and [the heat energy] is focused and contained, deep energy that flows.” This effectively stimulates the production of collagen and shrinks fat cells, effectively delivering its promise.

3Deep treatments can be done on almost any part of your body as EndyMed’s uses can be customized. The EndyMed system has four handpieces for body countouring, body tightening, facial tightening, and fractional skin resurfacing. Whether you want to tone your tummy or blast the cellulite on your butt, you can count on Endiclinique to be able to do something about it.


Modern, effective treatments and quality hospital-level service at an affordable price: it sounds too good to be true, but Endiclinique has made it a reality. Visit them at the ground floor of Hollywood Square Bldg., #33 West Avenue, Quezon City.


Most patients, however, go to EndiClinique for their iFine treatment, which uses 3Deep technology to target the lines and wrinkles that can be found in the delicate eye area. It’s being touted as “the most effective age eraser on the market today.”

Best of all, 3Deep procedures are virtually painless, have no side effects, and require almost no downtime—you can get the treatment done during your lunch break and go back to work right after with better-looking skin. For optimum results, you’ll need at least four sessions, to be undergone on a weekly basis. Additional sessions, if needed, will be done every two weeks.

Aside from 3Deep Body Contouring, Endiclinique also offers a variety of pathologic and cosmetic dermatological procedures such as fractional skin resurfacing, facial skin tightening, facial contouring, and body tightening, among others.

But what really sets the clinic apart from other aesthetic centers is its meticulousness in ensuring its patients’ health. Overall manager Imelda Ayento says that all of Endiclinique’s doctors and nurses have mastered the EndyMed system and that all of its staff are professionals and not just aestheticians.

Endiclinique also requires all its patients to consult with a dermatologist first before undergoing any treatment. There’s a dermatologist present in the clinic every day, ensuring that you’re in safe hands.


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