Tips from a Boss: Ela Chua

Text by: Sarah Halal

Fun, fresh and fearless Media Advertising Specialist Ela Chua shares us her life journey, her inspirations, and her secrets to maintaining a good work-and-life balance in her late 30s.ella

On Being Happy and Rewarding Herself

On top of all of these, Ela still has another secret to maintaining her fun and fresh self while aging. “I guess the secret is to just be happy and everything else will follow.

Like any other successful individual, shopping and travelling comprise some of her favorite “me” time activities. Ela knows how stressful her work can be, that is why she also rewards herself with a calming massage regularly. “Oh I love massage! Yun na yung pinaka reward ko sa sarili ko (That’s my ultimate reward for myself). I get a massage at least twice a week.”

Her Kids As Her Greatest Fitness Motivation

Ela is definitely a fearless woman in the industry but one thing she fears is to not be able to be there for her kids when they need her. This became her motivation for really taking care of her health especially now that she’s admittedly not getting any younger. “My life began when I had kids… So before, I wasn’t scared. Before wala lang akong paki (Before, I didn’t care)… now I’m so scared not just for myself but really for my kids because I want to be there for them.”

There’s no denying Fidela Federigan-Chua, or Ela, as her colleagues and friends

fondly call her, is an extra ordinary woman. At age 38, she juggles her responsibilities as a mom to two pretty girls, Georgina and Amanda, as a wife to advertising expert, Chewy Chua, and as a media director in Touch DDB. It was never an easy journey for her and she took a lot of risks along the way—from volunteering in her old grade school canteen to earn extra allowance, working at a small local agency, to finally living her life to the fullest while she works to keep clients happy and content with the service she and her team delivers at Touch DBB. But it doesn’t end there. While she does all of these, she also maintains her beautiful skin and fit body. She does not even look a day over 25.

With the fast-paced technological advancement that the world is experiencing, waves of sophisticated skin care solutions are flooding the market. But while it’s fun and beneficial to try out new healthy innovations, Ela shares with us that the basics of having a healthy lifestyle and a good work-and-life balance are what will go a long way in maintaining confidence in how you look.

Ela takes conscious effort to present herself well in front of her clients —something essential in her line of work. Nevertheless, like most of us, her healthy skin and well-toned figure are not exempted from all the stressors and struggles present in the advertising (or corporate) world. When asked what the most challenging struggles she experienced in the industry is, Ela says it has always been pleasing the clients.

On Fighting for Her Fitness Schedule

Ela’s fun and fresh aura is a product of her conscious effort to stick to a healthy lifestyle despite different kinds of challenges brought by her demanding career. “Before, I used to do both badminton and boxing. Now, I’m into golf. I still do boxing but lately nasisira yung schedule ko kaya na-stop ko muna pero I intend to do talaga boxing and golf starting this year (my schedule got interrupted but I intend to really get back into boxing and golf…)” Ela is often spotted in her workout clothes after “office hours” because no matter how busy her schedule gets, she makes sure she has time for fitness and exercise even if it’s just a jog around McKinley Hills.

Aging Gratefully and Gracefully

Ela vows that as you age, life takes a complete turnaround. “You have to accept the fact that life will never be the same again.” You can tell by her smile and her giggles that this is not a bad thing at all. For Ela, happiness must not only be experienced in one part of your life but in every aspect of it, that is why she sees to it that she maintains a good work-and-life balance. Apart from giving time for fitness and exerting conscious effort in taking care of her skin, Ela always recognizes how blessed she is in every aspect of her life, and this makes her even more beautiful as she ages.


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