Freeze The Fat Off

Text by: Eimor Santos

At 45, Joan Soriano has tried a lot of activities to keep her body fit and healthy. She exercised regularly; worked out at the gym; and did belly dancing, boxing and barre3 – a fusion of ballet, yoga and pilates. But just this year, Joan discoveredthe coolest and easiest way to reducing excess fat.

In a span of just three months, Joan noticed a remarkable change in her body: there were no more unwanted fats in her back and tummy, and she felt slimmer and lighter. “I became more confident – I was able to wear most of the clothes I want without worrying about the extra bulges,” Joan said.

All these she gained without pain – no needles, no blood, no surgery – thanks to the non-invasive slimming technology called Cryolipolysis, which has been winning the hearts of Filipino health and fitness buffs since 2010.

Cryolipolysis, also known as the Coolsculpting procedure or simply Cryo, is a treatment that freezes and eliminates fat cells in a span of two to four months. The term is a portmanteau of three Greek words describing the process– “cryo” which means cold or freezing, “lipo” which means fat and “lysis” which means to break apart. It eradicates only the fat cells in the targeted areas of the body, be it the love handles, tummy,back, thighs or arms, leaving the skin and other tissues unharmed.

The science behind the Cryo was discovered fairly recently in 2008 by dermatologists Dieter Manstein, MD, PhD, and R. Rox Anderson , MD, of the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. The research concluded that “prolonged, controlled local tissue cooling can induce selective fat cell reduction and subsequent loss of subcutaneous fat, without damaging the overlying skin.”

Joan started undergoing the procedure in February of this year after Gerlie Vien, her aesthetician or beauty expertintroduced her to what Vien believes is three times more effective than other slimming technologies. “She has been doing a lot of exercises, but there are still fats left in her body,” Vien said in Filipino. There really are stubborn fat cells which are immune to diet and exercise, says. So Vien recommended the Cryo procedure to freeze the fats off.

“I decided to undergo Cryo because I was curious about what it’s going to do to my body,” Joan said.Her curiosity and Vien’s convincing powers led her to pursuing with the treatment once a month for three consecutive months.

The 60-minute Cryo treatment was a perfect fit for a career woman like Joan, the consulting marketing director of a training company. With no plans of settling down for now, she is focused on work, which could be stressful at times. The clock is ticking; there are a lot of things to be done in so little time. The Cryo saves precious time, avoiding the risks and recuperation time inherent in surgical procedures such as liposuction. A patient can even resume with her normal daily activities like going to work immediately after the session. To save even more time, some clients undergo facial or other treatments simultaneous to the Cryo.

The process is pretty simple; it involves a device called the Cool Sculpting oval hand piece, which is placed on the targeted area. The hand piece contains a suction mechanism that draws the fatty bulges between cooling panels.It targets and cools fat cells to low temperatures that would trigger the apoptosis or death of fat cells.  The fat cells die and are gradually and naturally removed in the next few weeks and months by the body’s immune system. In the process, there is no damage done on nerves and other tissues because only the fat cells are gravely sensitive to cold.

Though Cryo is not painful for patients, there is an intense cold feeling at the start of the procedure and there could be slight bruising, redness and numbness of the treated area afterwards. “It feels tight at first but as time passes by, you no longer will feel anything. In my case, I’d fall asleep during the whole procedure,” Joan said, proving how comfortable the slimming technique is. Though generally safe, the procedure is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women and people with serious medical conditions.

Right after the Cryo, a cavitation procedure is done, massaging the target areas for fast results. It Figures also recommends applying Radio Frequency skin tightening treatment after one week for best results.

“I always noticed the fats at my back (where she has the Cryo procedure done) would diminish every time I undergo the procedure,” Joan said. The Cryo procedure promises up to 40 percent decrease in the thickness of the fat bulge.

“Ms. Joan really is an embodiment of how effective the Cryo is,” Vien said.

Many slimming clinics nationwide now offer the Cryo procedure.

Joan is waving goodbye to Cryo for now, saying there are no more unwanted fats three months after undergoing the procedure. “If I would go fat again, I would,” she said, but probably not too soon. She encourages overweight people who are really having a hard time with their body to try the Cryo.After all, it is not just for beauty and aesthetics purposes, but for one’s health as well.


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