Wrinkles and Aging: Clara Knows How to Lose It

Text by Dawnavie Dadis

Think of a patch of land where flowers are in full bloom, where the birds and bees seem to gravitate to – that’s your skin in your youth. Now think of this patch of land amidst the changing season, exposed to the rain, sunlight, heat and humidity – that’s your skin as you age.

Diamonds are forever but healthy skin is not. Without proper care and nourishment, our skin becomes dry and loses its suppleness. Aging is a factor, and everyday threats like sunlight and pollution tend to speed up the process.

Here’s where the revolutionary treatments of Clara International might surprise you.

They have proven effective and safe machines amplified by an impressive line of herbal and naturally derived products are sure to keep your aging nightmares away.

Their premium skin resurfacing technology called Emerge treats a wide range of skin imperfections.

Using non-ablative fractional laser technology, it stimulates cellular repair and renewal to improve skin appearance and texture, help lessen wrinkles and fine lines, reduce pore size, lighten traumatic scars and keloids, acne scars and stretch marks and visibly reduce age spots.

Feeling like your skin thirsts for nourishment? Give in with the Meso Infusion.

This new wave in needle free electro mesotherapy helps fight free radicals encourages cellular activity, lymphatic drainiage and collagen and elastin production. Pure medical grade serums are infused in your skin in a state of the art technology that allows 100 % penetration into the epidermal layer of the skin. The best part of this is that the ion wave technology is virtually painless. Your skin will be brighter, clearer, refreshed, and more radiant. It’s as if you’ve taken a time machine and traveled back in time!

For cheeky girls out there, I bet you’ve been searching the web for exercised on how to improve one’s facial contour. Turn off your computer and head towards the nearest Clara International clinic. Their V-firm treatment line has one branch especially made for the face.

The facial curvature and contura treatments use bipolar radiofrequency that targets excess fats on the face and neck. This helps improve the contour of round faces and re-shape specific areas to make cheek bones more prominent and jaw lines more pronounced. This also increases collagen production to prevent wrinkles and sagging of skin in the future.

Boasting more than 30 years of non-stop research in skin care, Clara International specialized in treatments and skin regimens especially formulated for Asian Skin. First set up in Malaysia, it has spread over different regions, with its Philippine counterpart providing Filipinas top of the line skin treatments for 11 years now.


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