4 Fun Cheek Excercises to Get Prominent Cheekbones

Text by: Mikayla de Guzman

Cheek Bones2

So. You want to have cheekbones to die for like Angelina Jolie’s. But yes, you’d like
to skip the cheek augmentation option. You’re saving up for a vacation and you’re afraid of needles! Also, you’re a bit tired of having to use makeup contouring technique every time just to create those Keira Knightley cheeks illusion. (Applying the required layers and shades of foundation, bronzer and blush takes quite a lot of time and not to mention, quite a lot of effort. What if you’re just going to the gym, right?!)

Cry no more. Luckily, there is one completely safe and cheap way to achieve those envieable cheeks: Exercise! Don’t worry, you won’t have to flex anything but your facial muscles, and you have nothing to worry about this one. (Well, nothing except looking weird and awkward in front of the mirror.)

This workout will exercise your orbicularis oris muscle (the muscle around your mouth), zygomatic arch (cheekbones), and modiolus muscle (the muscle on either side of mouth). You only have to follow these steps and in good time, you’ll have the fabulous cheekbones and facial structure you’re pining for.

For each exercise, hold the position for five to ten seconds, and repeat five times.

Exercise #1: The Smiling Fish Face
Suck in your cheeks as though imitating a fish.

Exercise #2: The Smile Excercise
Using your three center fingers, press down on your cheeks and smile as hard as you can to raise your cheek muscles against your fingersC2

Excercise #3: The O-Mouth Exercise
Place your pointer finger and your middle finger on your cheekbones, while making an ‘o’ with your mouth. Smile while pressing on the skin.C3

Exercise #4: Pinch Excercise
Place your index fingers on either side of your eyes and the thumbs on both sides of your mouth. Pinch until you can feel your skin stretch.C4

So there you have it. Four exercises that will help you achieve profile pix-worthy cheeks without having to pucker your face every time, while also preventing wrinkles.


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