June Bride: A Second Chance at Happily Ever After

Text by: Patricia Anne Pasion

At 69, Boots Anson-Roa didn’t expect to find love again, but the actress has found a second wind in life – and discovered the secret to staying youthful at the same time.

Aging is scary. Wrinkles, gray hair, saggy skin, warts – these are the things that make millions of women wish they could turn back the clock. Some seek help from doctors and surgeons so that they can say that age can really just be a number.

Others are more comfortable keeping their beauty as natural as possible – not always because they find advanced dermatological technologies bad, but because they simply don’t need them. One of these lucky ladies is actress Boots Anson-Roa.

Now in her golden years, Boots still blooms with the freshness of a woman at the prime of her life. Despite practically glowing with health, she said she has no intricate beauty regimen, nor does she regularly visit a dermatologist.

So what’s the secret behind her beautiful aura?

I think nothing can make you glow as effectively as love.

No stranger to happiness and good fortune, Boots had a vibrant career in the entertainment industry, an amazing family, and advocacies she was determined to fight for. She couldn’t and didn’t ask for more – but much to her surprise, fate blessed her with another gift: a “King” to complete her royal life.          

Never too late for another chance

In perhaps one of the most talked about weddings of the year, Boots married lawyer Francisco “King”  Rodrigo, Jr. on June 14th.

The couple first made a buzz when they started dating last year, but they made hearts melt when they tied the knot. Having both loved and lost (both King and Boots were previously married and widowed early in their lives), their marriage became a shining example that people can learn to love again.

I felt giddy, excited, grateful, parang first time.

But unlike her first walk down the aisle, Boots’ June wedding had the frills that her first lacked. Sharing that her first wedding was simple and formal, she gushed that her new gown, which was top couturier,  Eddie Badeo. And keeping up with the trend in nuptials, Boots made sure that this time around, her special day would be heartwarmingly documented with an elegant wedding video.

Still, it was the couple’s families that made the wedding an even happier occasion for the star.  King’s son was his best man, while Boots’ maids of honor were her daughters, and her sons walked her to the altar. She said she was happy that their kids supported their union.

It wasn’t only the living family members who approved of this new relationship. Boots shared that  when she and King were engaged, both of them visited the graves of their dearly departed spouses.

“Hindi naman umusok. Siguro, payag,” King said.

Love knows no age

Usually, couples dream of being together until their hair turns gray. But for Boots and King – whose heads are closer to silver than black – their “together” was just beginning.

At 69 and 75, they both have their own families, complete with children and grandchildren. But they still believed in the sanctity of marriage.

Boots shared that King would say, “If we are going to get together, we have to get married. Hindi pwedeng live in.”

The decision to wed was easy for them, as they had had happy marriages: “It was a blessing… walang trauma, walang hang-up.”

But even easier than deciding to tie the know was deciding to love again. Giddy like a bride half her age would be, Boots shared, Kung makikita niyo ang mga text messages namin… how silly, ang korny. Ang haba, ang korny, sabi ko nakakahiya tayo. Parang matatandang tumatanda nang paurong.”

She added that they often go on dates, watching movies and concerts. She said falling in love with King was like feeling young all over again – same kilig, same feeling of being alive.

And just like a young girl being wooed for the first time, Boots turned to fate for guidance when King started pursuing her.

She asked a sign from St. Therese – if she gets a white rose from her suitor, she would encourage the relationship. She received, not only one, but four white roses on four different occasions.

To this day, Boots still considers those roses as the sweetest gestures King has ever done for her.

The best cure for aging

Love has a very youthening effect. Pinapakita niya na tumanda man ang itsura natin, katawan antin kahit may rayuma tayo pero yung puso, hindi tumatanda,”  Boots said.

She said loving fulfills our need to give and our desire to be needed. She explained, “If you notice, ang flow ng energy, puro papalabas eh. Love is really other-person-centered.”

Aging is a natural process; you can’t stop it, but you can slow it down. Humans have made an art and science out of reversing the signs of age, but Boots and King prove that simple things in life, like love when you least expect it, can produce the same effect.

“Let’s age with a natural joy and contentment. It’s not the years in our life but the life we add to our years.”


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