Becos Facial and Body Spa: Whitening, Whenever It Suits You

Text by Dawnavie Dadis

Dirt, heat, sunlight—these are just some of the most atrocious enemies our skin faces everyday. Add stress and hormonal imbalance to the mix, and you’ve got yourself patches of dark skin and unwanted blemishes.

For most of us these days, we go about our routines caring very little about how our skin adjusts to our ever-changing environment. We rely on over-the-counter formula and make-up to cover everything for us. We think our age lends us more time for skin regeneration. However, what we do not realize is that every hour we spend basking in unhealthy sunlight and eating an unhealthy diet makes our skin lose its youthful glow.

Luckily, we have science to the rescue.

At Becos Facial and Body Spa, they have the latest state of the art treatment for blemish removal and skin whitening. Dr. Letty Cham and her clinic has been in the clinical and cosmetic dermatology business for fifteen years, making celebrities and non-celebrities alike take advantage of science’s gift of healthy skin.  Their latest treatment called Illumina 88 is a laser whitening procedure powered by German technology promises to bring back the glow in your skin.

The machine has an optical diode laser that works with an 808nm wavelength and a LED light that operates from 4.8 to 640nm. It is the safest and gentlest laser technology in the market today.

Through the laser and LED technology, treatment successfully breaks down, disperses and eliminates the impurities and excess melanin production from the skin. It also promotes collagen formation to keep the skin hydrated and supple.

After washing the face, they will first hydrate your skin with serum to prevent your skin from drying out during the process. The best part of the treatment is that it takes up only 20 to 30 minutes and you’ll be sitting pretty while you wait for a fairer, lighter you! With just one session, you can immediately see and feel the results.

Say goodbye to dark spots and freckles. This treatment is best for those who worry about skin darkening and uneven skin tone. Feeling self-conscious of your pimple and acne marks? No worries! Since the treatment works best for target areas, it can also help lighten pimple and acne scars, and even scars you get from chicken pox and patches of uneven skin tone from melasma. Through the laser and LED technology, it also helps stimulate skin regeneration, helping lessen wrinkles and other fine lines. This is perfect for the working moms and stressed-out yuppies already feeling the effects of skin aging.

Dying to wear those sleeveless dresses and tops? How about that midrib? That miniskirt? Already gearing up for summer with your itsy bitsy teenie winnie yellow polka dot bikini? Ladies, listen up! There’s no stopping you this time! This treatment is not only for the face. It can also be used to target skin darkening for the elbows, underarms, and other areas prone to darkening. Talk about perfect pre-summer regimen.

Who says men can’t have beautiful skin, too? This treatment is not just for the girls. Men can also avail of whitening and rejuvenating benefits of laser whitening.

And hey, who said perfect skin is only for the summer season? You can have it anytime, anyway you want. Laser whitening treatments can be used anytime, as often as you want, because it has no side effects. Contrary to popular belief regarding laser treatments, the Illumina 88 skin whitening technology does not make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Just remember to refrain from going to the sauna or exposing yourself to heat for 24 hours, immediately after the treatment. Also, there’s no special cream or maintenance formula necessary after the treatment.

Perhaps Dr. Cham is the best ambassador for her skin care clinic. She doesn’t wear make-up at work, yet she has that natural rosy blush! With her youthful skin, who would have guessed she’s well beyond her fifties? At this age and time, how do you even maintain perfect skin? She was generous enough to give us these tips:

  1. Always wash the face. Not too often as it may dry up the skin, but just regular enough to keep away dirt and excess oil.
  2. Moisturize. Our skin gets thirsty too, as evident whenever it feels rough and dry. Keeping our skin hydrated will help keep it supple and elastic.
  3. Wear sunblock. Sunlight is harsher these days, and as much as we sometimes love to play under the heat, it is best to keep ourselves protected. SPF 35 is good enough, anything beyond that is overkill.
  4. Lifestyle is the key. Good diet, exercise, and positive outlook are also necessary to keeping your skin healthy. As they say, what’s within radiates outside, so if you’re in good health and a positive state of mind, it will surely show.


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