BB and CC Creams: Wonder Beauty Creams

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Moisturizer. Anti-aging cream. Sunblock. Primer. Concealer. Foundation. Skin treatment. Different tubes for different purposes. Who said taking care of your skin is a piece of cake? No wonder women take a lot of time getting ready for a casual rendezvous or even just going to bed.

But the good news is you can already get all the action of up to five or six products with just one tube, thanks to the latest innovations in skin care. Ladies, cut back on your preparation time through BB and CC Creams. Through these versatile skin treatment and make-up hybrids, you can cut the time spent in front of the mirror to enjoy more quality moments with your date (whether it be your lover or your bed).

Blemish or beauty balm

The BB in BB Cream stands for blemish or beauty balm. It is great for concealing skin imperfections like pigmentations and acne scars. It is packed with a lot of benefits like extra hydration or moisturizer, sun protection, coverage, and anti-aging properties.

Skin treatment

There are BB Creams which have higher anti-aging components such as peptides and antioxidants. To hydrate skin, manufacturers include hyaluronic acid as well as glycerine. For daily sun protection, a lot of BB creams offer up to SPF 30—some even go higher—because of their zinc oxide or titanium oxide content that come with water-resistant properties.


The BB Cream serves as a good make-up base. It has the light-reflecting component mica so when you put it on, your face will gain a glowing, luminous look as light bounces off your skin. Then it smoothens skin and evens out skin tone through silicone-based ingredients like dimethicone, licorice, and arbutin.

Jack of all trades

But as cosmetic chemists and other skin experts say. While it may offer a lot of action, it is a master of none. As Dr. Lyn Paglinawan-Lu of the La Derma Skin Clinic says, the BB cream should not be used as a substitute for skin treatments. Instead, it must only be considered as a supplement.  At the same time, BB Creams can’t do anything to treat acne at all.

Using it

Apply a pea-sized amount all over your face after cleaning. Unlike sunscreen, you do not have to cover your face with a lot of this product. Although it has a creamy and moisturizing texture, it is still a little thick. So make sure also that you remove it at night because it can block your pores.

The Upgrade Version

Moving down the alphabet, skin experts took it a notch higher with the CC Cream or Color Correcting Cream. As they put it, this is an upgraded version of a (relatively new) classic – a new and improved BB Cream. According to Dr. Paglinawan-Lu, the CC Cream has basically the same components as its predecessor. But it focuses on correcting skin color problems like redness, sallowness, and pigmentation.

Main Difference

CC Cream has a lighter texture that distinguishes it from BB Cream. It is faster-absorbing, thus giving more natural coverage. The light-diffusing particles contained in the cream also evens out your skin tone visually.

Apart from this, you get a large dose of antioxidants—but the latter will also be dependent on the brand. It also contains SPF.

Using it

Just put a pea-sized amount all over your face after cleaning. Use it as a supplement for skin treatment, but not as a substitute.

What should you use?

According to Dr. Paglinawan-Lu, ladies who have dry skin are better off using the BB Cream since it has a thicker texture and can moisturize the skin. On the other hand, the CC Cream will be a better option for oily skin because it is more lightweight. It is also great for those who have acne-prone, dull, and pigmented skin. Meanwhile, users who have normal skin can use either.

Risks and Precautions

The main problem to watch out for when using BB and CC Creams is allergic reaction, according to Dr. Paglinawan-Lu. This is why reading the label is important. Some brands may contain chemicals you are allergic to, although generally these products do not contain allergens.


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