AcuDerm Wellness Center: Where the East and West Meet

Text by Edmalynne Remillano

There has long been a debate on the effectiveness of Oriental medicine compared to Western methods of healing. But for Dr. Hylmar de Francia, the two schools can work in conjuction to achieve total wellness. Healthy Skin talked to the AcuDerm Wellness Center owner about his clinic’s philosophy and treatments.

“Instead of arguing which is better in terms of treatment—Oriental or Chinese medicine or Western medicine, why not fuse the knowledge in each so they can work hand in hand?”

This is essentially what the AcuDerm Wellness Center does under the ownership of skin health physician Dr. Hylmar De Francia.

Although relatively new, this multi-specialty clinic serves as a one-stop shop not just for aesthetic needs, but also for various services and expert guidance for overall well-being.

Its effective fusion of Eastern and Western medicine even in a confined space is one of the factors that set it apart from its competitors. Specifically, AcuDerm specializes in acupuncture and aesthetic dermatology.


Acupuncture services are personally done by Dr. Francia who got his certification from the Department of Health. In fact, he learned under the tutelage of former DOH Sec. Jaime Galvez Tan.

Acupuncture has been proven to be effective in addressing systemic conditions such as low back pains. Needles are put in specific points in the body in order to facilitate the smooth flow of chi to the affected area.

However, Dr. Francia dispels the incorrect notion that needles are concentrated in the target area. Instead, they are placed in specific points throughout the body that are connected to it.

Cosmetic acupuncture

Sure, you’re familiar with acupuncture. But do you about cosmetic acupuncture? Essentially, it is using acupuncture for a facelift. The goal: remove fine lines and wrinkles through the use of very fine needles placed on the face.

“Cosmetic acupuncture uses 30-40 needles. It will stimulate collagen formation. When you wound the area using needle prick, it will start the process of fibrosis or collagen formation. Then it creates a lifting effect,” according to Dr. De Francia.

Facials and other treatments

There are many other facial and body treatments to choose from.

There are regular facials and masks, or the AcuDerm Skin Expert Signature Facials that use U.S. serums. Patients can also get the AcuDerm Diamond peel for the face, neck, armpits, arms, body, and legs. Chemical peeling services for the face are available, too.

The clinic also has facilities for lipo-cavitation, radio frequency, and abs sculpting (EMS) which are among the most popular body contouring treatments. The Cryo-Cell treatment is its latest offering to date.

AcuDerm also offers a host of non-invasive treatments, including wart removal, Fractional Needling Therapy and the Fractional CO2 Laser (Fraxel) to address acne, scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles. Mesotherapy is available as well for those who want to burn fat fast.

Other services include injections for glutathione, Botox, placenta, keloid, pimples and fillers, Sclerotherapy, IPL hair removal, and infusion.

In AcuDerm, all treatments are supervised and pre-approved by qualified doctors. That means no service will be rendered to a client unless it’s cleared by the doctor.

Hence, you will be properly guided in choosing the best service to fit your needs and medical condition. Fees for doctor consultation in aesthetic cases are already waived.

However, for pathologic cases or skin conditions requiring special medical attention, patients will have to pay for the professional fee of the doctors. They can also do referrals if the need arises.

But more than that, what sets this wellness clinic apart is the fact that the doctor’s advice is aimed at the overall well-being of the client. This is because all the doctors in the clinic are skin health physicians.

The doctors apply a systemic approach, taking into consideration factors other than those that manifest in the surface level—like internal organs, other bodily processes, pre-existing conditions, or underlying conditions. The indications are then correlated to the manifestation or the skin problem.

So for instance a patient comes in with acne problems. The doctor does not only look at comedones or bacteria and dirt build-up. He or she also considers other related medical conditions—like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome—and how they factor in. This way, they can recommend the most effective treatment.

Fuelled by the drive to further his practice, Dr. De Fracia started the AcuDerm Wellness Clinic with the goal of using integrative medicine.



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