The New Waterproof

Text by: Kris Evangelista

We’ve all heard of waterproof makeup guaranteed to keep you picture perfect for hours. Now, thanks to new technology, you can be perfectly made up for up to 30 days.

Like most women, one of the things that I have to do every day is to put on make-up. I see it as something that’s expected from working women especially in the field of PR, advertising and other industries where impressions matter.

I know women who enjoy putting on make-up, but I’m one of those who have only the basics: concealer, foundation, blush and lipstick in my vanity kit.

So, when I first heard about 30-day makeup, I was an instant fan. I had no idea how it worked, but it was already appealing to me. Why? Here are three simple reasons: it’s the answer to waking up beautiful, looking consistently good, and all without spending extra time maintaining those good looks. With this in mind, the idea

was already sold.

30-day makeup is similar to a tattoo, but doesn’t penetrate deeper than the epidermis.

This is why it’s not as permanent — our skin naturally exfoliates in 30 days, thus the makeup sheds along with the skin and simply fades away.

The pigments don’t clog pores. The whole procedure actually rejuvenates the skin. There are a lot of benefits to the 30-day makeup, but the best part is: it’s not painful! Because of the silicone used to apply the pigments (tattoo artists use needles), the whole procedure is painless.

That the pigments are placed on the epidermis so fast that the whole process takes only an hour to an hour and a half — foundation, and blush good for 30 days done in just 45 minutes.

Those who went through the procedure said it felt ticklish, with just a little bit of pain. One woman even fell asleep during the process!

So, for women on the go, especially those who can never have a hair out of place, 30-day makeup may be the lifesaver you’ve long been waiting for.


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