2014 PAAAMI National Convention: Taking Beauty to the Highest Reach

Text by Ranel Ram Cheng

Being the best begins with confidence and being comfortable in one’s own skin. And in this era of advanced technology and increased interconnectivity, the journey to perfection need not be a lonely one. Enter the cutting-edge field of modern medicine: aesthetics and age management. Beauty no longer runs merely skin-deep. It now goes further to the cellular and molecular levels. Here in the country, the Philippine Academy of Aesthetics and Age Management Medicine, Inc. (PAAAMI) is the trailblazer in making the “science of the new millennium” available to Filipinos. With over 300 members and counting, PAAAMI brings in doctors of various specializations in promoting a more holistic approach to regenerative medicine.

“The physicians of PAAAMI are committed to the belief that aging is not inevitable. We are the vanguards of the technologies that can retard, suspend and perhaps dramatically reverse the biologic deterioration and diseases that can be easily be reflected when we take a gaze at ourselves in the mirror,” explains PAAAMI National President Dr. Charlie Mendez.

PAAAMI to promote its leadership role in this fast-growing medical field to new heights in its annual convention billed, “The Apotheosis of Beauty: Regenerating and Rejuvenating Mankind” held at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria Hotel on September 2 and 3.

The two-day event gathered experts from within the Philippines and foreign shores, including Italy, Russia, and Australia. It featured the latest trends in medicines, non-invasive treatments, and techniques to promote anti-aging and rejuvenation. Attendees also got to mingle with their colleagues, sharing tips on starting and running a clinic, the newest products on the market and developments in the profession. “We see to it that the latest technology in the field of anti-aging all over the world, we bring to the country through PAAAMI. There is a need for us to reinforce the learning of doctors and providing them new perspectives in anti-aging and aesthetics,” said 2014 PAAAMI National Convention Chairman Dr. Gisela Trajano-Sarmiento.

The convention aims to build harmonious relationships among age management experts, and other specialists within the medical field – from cardiologists, dermatologists, pediatricians, internists, orthopedics, to surgeons and general practitioners. It was also a time for the physicians to unwind with their peers. The Fellowship Night dubbed “The Amazing Black Night” featured friends and patients of PAAAMI members in showbiz, fashion, and entertainment.
This year, PAAAMI also solidified its alliance with GlobalFusion, Inc. which recently launched its Aura Skin Nutrition System showcasing an array of skin-care products like soaps, daytime whitening and protection, and nighttime pampering and rejuvenating products. Aura is the first skin nutrition system endorsed by the PAAAMI.

With the expansion of the organization in recent years, PAAAMI is committed to deliver their mission and vision to provide high quality and cost effective care service and to deliver the best aesthetic and age management care, wellness and longevity from all around the world to the Philippines. True to their theme, the member physicians and specialists of the organization are expected to blaze the trail in their field.



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